Crossed Lines in Goldhanger?

frustrated phone userA sorry phone saga from a Goldhanger resident . . .

A week ago our land-line phone went dead, which also meant no broadband. We contacted our supplier by mobile phone and they suggested we reported the fault on the internet!! They finally agreed to pass the fault onto Openreach and an engineer was booked for 5 days time but only if we agreed to pay over £100 if the fault was in our property, despite telling them that our neighbour was receiving our phone calls!

When the Openreach engineer appeared he knew nothing about faults reported by two of our neighbours made via their suppliers, or that our calls where going to our neighbour, and insisted that he had to come into our property to establish if the fault was in our property. When I asked how a fault in our property could result in our calls going to a neighbour he had no answer. After spending time in our loft he finally declared the fault was somewhere else and would go to the green cabinet in The Square. One hour later he came back and told us that our wires did not go to that cabinet and he would go to a cabinet in Maldon Rd. Another hour later he returned to say he had fixed all three faults in that cabinet. When questioned if it was an electrical fault he admitted the “someone had rewired all three lines”!

We frequently see Openreach engineers working in the cabinets and up poles in the village, and now wonders how many other residents have suffered similar experiences. Is there a shortage of lines in the village as they struggle to cope with supplying new houses? Are Openreach constantly shuffling lines around fixing one problem and creating others? Is there a fundamental problem of communication between telecoms companies?! Perhaps its time we shared our experiences.

Have you had possible crossed lines? Let Malcolm know please and the results will be collated to see if there is a pattern. As ever, your identity will be kept anonymous.