Burglar Alarm Survey – Cold Callers

A number of people in Little Totham have had cold callers warning them of a spate of burglaries in the area and then asking if they would like a survey for a burglar alarm.

There is no evidence of an increase in burglaries and these uninvited callers should not be allowed into your home.

If you feel the need for a burglar alarm then contact a reputable company yourself and make the necessary arrangements.

Please make your friends and neighbours aware of this and help keep them safe.

Crimestoppers – A Safe Way to Report Crime Anonymously

Crimestoppers Image 0800 555 111As an independent charity, we are not part of the police. When you contact us you won’t be identified. The only person who knows you contacted us with information is you.

We know that it can be difficult to come forward with information. You might have seen or heard something about a crime but don’t know what to do, or are scared to come forward. It’s easy to think there is nothing you can do, but we offer you a safe way to do this.

Crimestoppers is not part of the police and we are not a TV programme. Just tell us anonymously WHAT you know about any crime or criminal not WHO you are and we will then pass on that information to the appropriate police force without revealing your identity. In over 28 years of operation we have never broken our guarantee.

In 2014/15, 14 people were arrested and charged every day and one person charged every 8 days for murder thanks to anonymous information passed to the charity.

We don’t take your name or any personal details. And we don’t record your call or trace your call/computer and you won’t need to provide a statement or go to Court.

Since Crimestoppers began in 1988, it has received over 1.7 million actionable calls, resulting in more than 138,000 arrests and charges. Nearly £135 million worth of stolen goods has been recovered and nearly £326 million worth of illegal drugs has been seized.

Crimestoppers is simple and it works, Just phone 0800 555 111 (or visit the Crimestoppers website – https://crimestoppers-uk.org). Your call is 100% anonymous.

Crimestoppers is not an emergency service and if you see a crime taking place you should ring 999 to report it immediately.

www.crimestoppers-uk.org /