Suspicious activity in Goldhanger

Neighbourhood Watch received the following report yesterday (Sunday) from a member in Maldon Road.

“Our neighbour has just come to let us know that today they saw 3 strangers walking down Maldon Road photographing all the houses as they went.  She was sure they were not estate agents!  Obviously this is somewhat suspicious so thought I would pass it on.”

If you have seen anything similar or have more information, please let me know. If we can build a bigger picture it may be even more valuable. In any event keep a lookout.

Community Defibrillator Seminar Monday 3rd of July

Monday 3rd of July, 7pm at the Village Hall

The Community Heartbeat Trust will be demonstrating the use of defibrillators and explaining how the equipment works and its benefits to the community in saving precious minutes in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

The more people that know how to use the portable defibrillator installed in our community, the more chance there is of saving the life of a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Everybody is welcome, and no special skills are required, just your willingness to play an important role in the event of a medical emergency.

Crime Update Jan-Feb 2017

The latest crime update from:

Ali Burlington | Community Safety Development Officer | Customers and Communities Directorate 

Maldon District Council, Princes Road, Maldon, Essex, CM9 5DL
Normal working days Monday – Friday
| tel 01621 875794 | | @maldondc

Neighbourhood watch data – Burglary, Robbery, Vehicle Offences, Criminal Damage, Theft Other, Theft from Person, Theft in a Dwelling, Theft of Pedal Cycle and ASB – records with ‘Publicity Opposed’ excluded


Offence Type

MO – filtered


Theft from a motor vehicle

Suspect unknown has removed a catalytic convertor from victims silver Honda Accord S.

Burnham On Crouch South

Theft from a motor vehicle

Suspect unknown has gained entry to victims silver Ford truck by smashing rear cab window then stole property from within.

Great Totham

Theft if not classified elsewhere

Suspect unknown has taken victims dog without owner’s permission

Great Totham

Interference with a motor vehicle

Suspect unknown have attempted to take the rear index from the victims grey Ford Fiesta Zetec S. The victim believes he may have disturbed the suspect causing them to leave with only one screw removed and the other partly removed.


Dwelling Burglary

Suspect named has entered the above location that was insecure along with suspect known and have attempted to gain access to victims safe

Maldon North

Theft if not classified elsewhere

Suspect identified have taken the victims Barclays Bank debit card after the victim left it in a self-service ATM machine

Maldon North

Other Burglary (other building)

Suspect named has entered to above location and demanded alcohol. Staff refused to serve him due to the time of day. The suspect has been verbally abusive before entering the bar area and helping himself to alcohol which he then consumed. The suspect was then asked to leave.

Maldon West

Theft if not classified elsewhere

Suspects unknown by means unknown have stolen victims mobile phone


Theft of a motor vehicle

Suspect unknown have removed the victims green Range Rovers by unknown means.

Tolleshunt D’Arcy

Other criminal damage, other (under £5,000)

Suspects unknown have driven onto the victim’s farm from the Estuary and damaged lock on the gate.

Burglar Alarm Survey – Cold Callers

A number of people in Little Totham have had cold callers warning them of a spate of burglaries in the area and then asking if they would like a survey for a burglar alarm.

There is no evidence of an increase in burglaries and these uninvited callers should not be allowed into your home.

If you feel the need for a burglar alarm then contact a reputable company yourself and make the necessary arrangements.

Please make your friends and neighbours aware of this and help keep them safe.

Formation of a WEA group in Goldhanger

An article from Steve Clarke:

Workers Educational AssociationOver the coming months, I am hoping to form a branch of the Workers’ Education Association in Goldhanger.

The WEA is open to all adults irrespective of background or qualifications. Its aim is to provide courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where students can learn at their own pace. Some of you may already be aware of this organisation and attended one of their courses. Many local towns and villages already have branches including Maldon, Tiptree and Tollesbury.

The purpose of the association is to provide educational courses of interest to the local community. The variety of course on offer is exceptional and cover History, Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, Music and many other subjects. Courses tend to be 8- 10 weeks long and run once a week for about 2 hours.

At this stage I am just hoping to get a small group together to explore the setting up a branch in Goldhanger. The Essex regional organisation is very enthusiastic about the possibility of Goldhanger forming a branch and is offer a lot of help and support to get a branch underway.

If anyone is interested in helping form a group please contact Steve Clarke either by email or phone 01621 788246. Below is a link to the Essex regional group which shows where the branches are in Essex and also lists the courses on offer.

I would recommend looking at the Colchester Branch as it is the biggest in Essex and has courses running all through the week.

Crossed Lines in Goldhanger?

frustrated phone userA sorry phone saga from a Goldhanger resident . . .

A week ago our land-line phone went dead, which also meant no broadband. We contacted our supplier by mobile phone and they suggested we reported the fault on the internet!! They finally agreed to pass the fault onto Openreach and an engineer was booked for 5 days time but only if we agreed to pay over £100 if the fault was in our property, despite telling them that our neighbour was receiving our phone calls!

When the Openreach engineer appeared he knew nothing about faults reported by two of our neighbours made via their suppliers, or that our calls where going to our neighbour, and insisted that he had to come into our property to establish if the fault was in our property. When I asked how a fault in our property could result in our calls going to a neighbour he had no answer. After spending time in our loft he finally declared the fault was somewhere else and would go to the green cabinet in The Square. One hour later he came back and told us that our wires did not go to that cabinet and he would go to a cabinet in Maldon Rd. Another hour later he returned to say he had fixed all three faults in that cabinet. When questioned if it was an electrical fault he admitted the “someone had rewired all three lines”!

We frequently see Openreach engineers working in the cabinets and up poles in the village, and now wonders how many other residents have suffered similar experiences. Is there a shortage of lines in the village as they struggle to cope with supplying new houses? Are Openreach constantly shuffling lines around fixing one problem and creating others? Is there a fundamental problem of communication between telecoms companies?! Perhaps its time we shared our experiences.

Have you had possible crossed lines? Let Malcolm know please and the results will be collated to see if there is a pattern. As ever, your identity will be kept anonymous.


Crimestoppers – A Safe Way to Report Crime Anonymously

Crimestoppers Image 0800 555 111As an independent charity, we are not part of the police. When you contact us you won’t be identified. The only person who knows you contacted us with information is you.

We know that it can be difficult to come forward with information. You might have seen or heard something about a crime but don’t know what to do, or are scared to come forward. It’s easy to think there is nothing you can do, but we offer you a safe way to do this.

Crimestoppers is not part of the police and we are not a TV programme. Just tell us anonymously WHAT you know about any crime or criminal not WHO you are and we will then pass on that information to the appropriate police force without revealing your identity. In over 28 years of operation we have never broken our guarantee.

In 2014/15, 14 people were arrested and charged every day and one person charged every 8 days for murder thanks to anonymous information passed to the charity.

We don’t take your name or any personal details. And we don’t record your call or trace your call/computer and you won’t need to provide a statement or go to Court.

Since Crimestoppers began in 1988, it has received over 1.7 million actionable calls, resulting in more than 138,000 arrests and charges. Nearly £135 million worth of stolen goods has been recovered and nearly £326 million worth of illegal drugs has been seized.

Crimestoppers is simple and it works, Just phone 0800 555 111 (or visit the Crimestoppers website – Your call is 100% anonymous.

Crimestoppers is not an emergency service and if you see a crime taking place you should ring 999 to report it immediately. / 

Keeping our Community Safe and Secure

Click the image above to download the full leaflet

We have a pretty safe village in Goldhanger and an effective Neighbourhood Watch, however this leaflet (left – click on the image to download it) may give you some ideas about improving the situation still further.

Stay well this winter – Winter Warmth campaign

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-23-15-01A new Winter Warmth partnership aimed at helping vulnerable residents this winter is offering free drop in sessions, advice and more starting in November.

The new partnership aims to assist those who might struggle to keep warm, buy food, fuel or essentials or keep well. From November – February, there will be two events each month for residents to drop in and see us for advice and information.  This could include health advice, financial support and much more over a hot drink or some soup

The Partnership aims provide the best support to help you personally, or direct you to the services that may be able to assist.  We also have free “winter warmth” packs to take away with you.

The first two of these drop-ins are due to be held on Friday 4 November between 12.30 and 3.30pm at the Plantation Hall, Heybridge Basin and Wednesday 30 November at the Memorial Hall, Southminster between 11am and 3.00pm.  Details of all the venues are as follows:

Friday 4 November 12.30pm to 3.30pm Plantation Hall, Heybridge
Wednesday 30 November 11am to 3pm Southminster Memorial Hall
Friday 9 December 11am to 3pm Lawling Park Hall, Mayland
Thursday 15 December 11am to 3pm Burnham on Crouch Library
Thursday 5 January 11am to 3pm Maldon Library
Thursday 19 January 11am to 3pm Tollesbury Community Centre
Wednesday 15 February 11am to 3pm Tillingham Village Hall
Friday 24 February 11am to 3pm Althorne Village Hall

Anyone with mobility issues or unable to get to the venue can call or leave a message on (01621) 854477 and someone from the partnership will assist.

The partnership is also seeking donations to help with the free rucksacks/bags.  Items from the attached list (which must be in a new and unused condition) can be donated by bringing them along to the Maldon District Council Offices before the end of October.

  • Biros & Colouring pencils/colouring pads
  • Soap, Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • Mac in a Pack
  • Roll on deodorant (men and women)
  • Woolly hats and scarves all sizes
  • Fleeces & Base layers all sizes
  • Gloves & Socks all sizes
  • Packet Soups & Packet drinks
  • Torch
  • Handwarmers
  • Tissues & Hand sanitiser
  • Porridge in small sachets
  • Long Life Milk (powdered variety)
  • Hot Water Bottles normal and microwavable
  • Fleece or Cellular Blankets
  • Travel sweets in a tin
  • Magnifying glass
  • Energy bars (nut free only)

Keeping your home warm this winter is also key to making sure you stay well. Your home should be heated your home to at least 18°C (65°F). Many people worry about the cost of heating but the success of the Essex Energy Switch, people can be confident that when they turn up the heating, they are still getting value for money.

The collective energy switching initiative is for people who want to cut their energy bills. It’s a free, easy and secure way to cut energy bills without wasting time comparing prices on comparison sites and last year residents saved approximately £263 per household.

For more information on the energy switch visit:

You may also be eligible for support towards your fuel payments, visit: for more information.

For more information on how to stay well this winter, visit:

For NHS advice on how to keep healthy this winter visit:

The Winter Warmth Partnership is funded by Essex County Council and includes the following organisations:-

Essex County Council, Maldon and District CVS, Maldon District Council, Maldon Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Agents, Chess, Moat Housing, Maldon Community Safety Partnership, Essex Fire Service, HomeStart, Provide, One Support

For more information please contact Chris Rust at Maldon District Council on (01621) 854477 or go to


Online shopping scams

Keep your money safe when online shopping, particularly during the festive shopping period. You can take a few simple steps to reduce the chances of falling victim to scams and fraudsters. Sales of counterfeit clothes and electrical items online have increased in recent years.

Scam websites are often difficult to tell from genuine ones but there are some tell-tale signs people can look out for;

Secure websites

  • At the top of the screen where the Web site address is displayed, you should see https://. The “s” indicates the Web site is secure. In many cases, you do not see the “s” until you actually move to the application page on a Web site.
  • Another way to determine if a Web site is secure is to look for a closed padlock , usually displayed at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Double-click the padlock to see the security certificate for the website. If the lock is open, you should assume it is not a secure site.
  • Be aware that websites sometimes use a domain name that falsely suggests they are UK-based.

You should be wary if the site:

  • Offers are too good to be true, for example the price of an item is markedly lower than the market rate
  • Has no information about the identity of the person operating the business such as the proprietor’s name or the company’s full name
  • Has no geographic address for the business, preventing people from locating the business in the event of a dispute
  • Makes no mention of any cancellation rights
  • Has unfair or restrictive terms and conditions which limits people’s legal rights
  •  Only accepts payments via money transfer services such as MoneyGram and/or Western Union

Information received from PS 71468 Julie Mackay LPSU



Great work everyone. The Essex County Council is to step in to fund replacement bus services in the Tollesbury area and these services will now continue (i.e. 91,92, 95) after the commercial bus operator pulls out.

The new services may have a variation from the timetables for the original services and the new timetables will be available from the TRAVELINE WEBSITE as soon as the registrations have been completed. They will be available at the bus stops until then.

Many thanks to Julia Bourne and the Parish Council for their strong support in this matter and our local councillors, Maddie Thompson and Elaine Bamford for their sound advice.

Most of all, thanks to all the villagers of Goldhanger who protested, wrote emails and letters and sourced relevant information, which all added to the strength of the case we presented to ECC.

Now we must all continue to use the buses regularly and if any villagers haven’t done so already, give the bus a go. Leave the car at home and avoid parking fees. If you have an entitlement to a bus pass,  get one and use it. If not, it is still a great way to pop into Maldon with no hassle about parking. We now know it is true…….USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Margaret Salmon.

Springtime Advice For Your Pet

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 15.37.34After a long, wet and windy winter, spring is finally here!  With lighter days and warmer weather, our pets become more active. However, this can bring some health worries. Here is some general springtime advice to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

Garden Plants

Some species of plants and flowers are poisonous to cats and dogs.  Some common examples of these, at this time of year, include daffodils, spring bulbs, tulips and aconite.  If you have these species of flowers in your garden, placing a mesh fence around them will help to keep your dog or cat away.  If your dog or cat tries to eat these plants, ensure they are not left alone in the garden.

If your pet might have chewed or ingested a plant which is known to be poisonous, contact your veterinary practice for advice. Symptoms you may see are excessive salivating, sickness, diarrhoea and lack of coordination.

Regular Flea and Worming

As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, pets tend to spend more time outside and this increases their exposure to roundworm larvae and their chances of ingesting infected prey animals. Treating your pet with a flea treatment is an essential first step, but it is equally important to treat their bedding and resting areas (including carpet) in order to eliminate any further fleas and eggs that may be lying dormant.

Easter Time

It’s not long until we get to crack open our Easter Eggs, but please take care.  If you are planning an Easter egg hunt, remember to put your dog on the lead to stop them from finding the eggs before you do!  Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats because it contains theobromine.  Theobromine affects cardiac function and causes seizures, tremors, vomiting, diarrhoea, drooling, panting and extremely fast pulse. If you find your dog or cat has eaten some chocolate, contact your veterinary practice for medical care.

Sue Shakespeare