Village Hall Clean Up – Help needed

Help needed for a clean up at the Village Hall before the BBQ in August (don’t let the picture put you off).

We will be cleaning on the following dates starting at 10 am on all dates:

Saturday 8th July & Sunday 9th July

Saturday 15th July & Sunday 16th July

Saturday 22nd July & Sunday 23rd July

Please contact Barbara Wilson telephone 788327 if you can give a hand.

It will be much appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation

Andrew Christy: An Obituary

Andrew Christy 1949-2017

Andrew and Jackie Christy

As many of you will know Andrew passed away recently in Broomfield hospital surrounded by his family

Andrew was born in Chelmsford to part of the well-known Christy Engineering family. He was the youngest of four children. From a young age Andrew showed an avid interest in Cars and this was to remain with him throughout his life. There is a family story that the first word he ever spoke was the name of a car.

Having attended St Christopher’s School, Letchworth Andrew trained as a company secretary and then moved into the insurance industry, specialising in Motor Insurance and working first for Cornhill followed by Summit Motor policies and Amlin Insurance. As claims negotiator Andrew was able to put his increasing knowledge of cars to good use.

Andrew Christy in his Morris Minor image
Andrew in his Morris Minor

With his deep interest in motoring it is not surprising that he belonged to a number of Car Clubs including the Goldhanger Classic Car Club. Andrew always enjoyed the “Drive It” days and the display of cars in the Chequers Carpark during the Gala Weekend. In his younger years Andrew would often undertake long trips at the weekend. Many will know that his knowledge of Geography was extensive and one of his strong subjects in quizzes, it would be a brave person who overruled him in this area.  Andrew also like to support the Little Totham and Maldon shows. At one time he owned six cars including a Frog Eyed Sprite, MG Midget and MG Y Type. Many people will remember Andrew driving his Morris Minor in recent years. Andrew’s passion for Classic Cars was reflected in the arrangements for his funeral, as members of GCCC followed the hearse on his journey to Chelmsford.

Andrew and Jackie met in the Ship and Anchor at an 18+ meeting in 1979, married and moved into King St in Maldon in 1981. At the end of the 1980’s they moved to Bobbets Hole, Bakers Green. Together with Charlene and Eddie, trips with their caravan became popular events. Favourite destinations were Rendlesham Forest, Southwold and Dunwich. When Andrew became unwell with Rheumatoid Arthritis he continued to work from home but also took on new roles in the community.

Andrew – One of the Goldhanger Boys Choir

He served as Clerk to Tolleshunt D’Arcy Parish Council for 19 years and his knowledge of the operating of Local Government was extensive. Andrew also took on the role of Caretaker and Bookings Officer for Goldhanger Parish Hall, so continued to have a lot of contact with people in the village. Many will also remember Andrew walking Daisy around the village on a daily basis.

In recent years a number of men in the village have retired and a small group has developed who occasionally visit places of interest. Andrew really enjoyed this and was keen to join us on these trips. Visits to Duxford, Chatham Dock Yards and the Docklands museum were all good fun. Only in March Andrew joined us in our first overnight visit to Portsmouth dockyards and he particularly enjoyed our visit to the Mary Rose exhibition. Andrew was also a supporter of the Goldhanger Jubilee Choir and especially enjoyed the sessions the “Goldhanger Boys” performed at village events.

Andrew was a man with a wide set of interests besides his lifelong passion for all aspects of motoring. Folk Music was always something he appreciated and as a young man he was a member of the Chelmsford Folk Club. In recent years, Andrew and Jackie were enthusiastic attenders of the Cropredy Music Festival hosted by Fairport Convention. In the last ten years Andrew developed an interest in Birdwatching and often joined the village group on visits.

Andrew will be remembered as a man committed to his family and an asset to the village, he will be sadly missed by those of us who knew him.

Andrew Christy

Andrew and Jackie Christy

Andrew died on the 23rd May 2017 following a short period in hospital. His wife, Jackie, and his children, Eddie and Charlene, were with him.

The funeral will take place at Chelmsford Crematorium some time in June (date to be announced) followed by a memorial meeting  at the Friends Meeting House in Maldon and a wake at Goldhanger Village Hall. All people who knew Andrew are welcome.

Andrew was a keen bird watcher and loved being out in the open countryside with his binoculars. He was much-loved and well-respected in the village and was known for his gentle, kind-hearted manner.

reed warbler imageIt seems ornithology ran in the family; an ancestor of Andrew’s, Miller Christy, was also a keen ornithologist as well as being a Quaker

Andrew played a part in the running of the Village Hall for some years and was also Clerk for Tolleshunt D’Arcy Parish Council. Andrew retired from the latter role only last year.


Open Gardens 2017 Postponed

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, this event will not now take place.

It is postponed to June 2018. We are very sorry not to be showing this year, 

We hope for an even better event next year.

Anthony Clark.

Annual Parish Assembly 2017


Will be held on Tuesday 11th April in the Village Hall at 8pm.

Members of the public are most welcome to come along and hear about the work of the Parish Council in the last year. The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council will be held before this at 7pm.

Agendas for both meetings can be found at the Parish Council’s website and on the notice board in the Square.


Vacancy on the Parish Council


There is currently a vacancy on the Council. If you would like to find out about what is involved in being a Councillor, or would like to put your name forward to fill the vacancy, please contact either:

Councillor Julia Bourn (Chair) on 01621 788298 or

Vysian Banyard (Parish Clerk) on 01621 860265



Lauriston Farm Becomes a Charitable Community Benefit Society

Image Lauriston Farm Team
Left to right – Andy, Eelco, Christiane, Jane, Sally, Zoe and Spencer

Congratulations to Lauriston Farm.

On February 1st 2017 Lauriston Farm Limited was registered as a Charitable Community Benefit Society.  It is a very exciting step for them as they launch their Social farming Initiative. Volunteers and employees form the Board and Executive.

This type of co-operative society enables individuals from any location to become members and shareholders. The offer opens on Sunday 26th February 2017 and runs for six weeks, closing on Saturday 8th April 2017, or when the maximum target is reached, whichever is sooner. Read more here …

Formation of a WEA group in Goldhanger

An article from Steve Clarke:

Workers Educational AssociationOver the coming months, I am hoping to form a branch of the Workers’ Education Association in Goldhanger.

The WEA is open to all adults irrespective of background or qualifications. Its aim is to provide courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where students can learn at their own pace. Some of you may already be aware of this organisation and attended one of their courses. Many local towns and villages already have branches including Maldon, Tiptree and Tollesbury.

The purpose of the association is to provide educational courses of interest to the local community. The variety of course on offer is exceptional and cover History, Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, Music and many other subjects. Courses tend to be 8- 10 weeks long and run once a week for about 2 hours.

At this stage I am just hoping to get a small group together to explore the setting up a branch in Goldhanger. The Essex regional organisation is very enthusiastic about the possibility of Goldhanger forming a branch and is offer a lot of help and support to get a branch underway.

If anyone is interested in helping form a group please contact Steve Clarke either by email or phone 01621 788246. Below is a link to the Essex regional group which shows where the branches are in Essex and also lists the courses on offer.

I would recommend looking at the Colchester Branch as it is the biggest in Essex and has courses running all through the week.

Christmas Greetings Pages & Defibrillator Update

The Christmas Greeting pages raised £321.60

Thank You very much for your generosity.

This money will be put aside for future maintenance of the defibrillators.

The consultation period for the Phone box in the square should be complete by February and then we will be able to proceed with installation of the defibrillators and information sessions and any relevant training.

The Maldon road phone box has already been adopted by the Parish Council, ready for the defibrillator to be installed.

Cleaning up the Sea Wall

L-R: Chris, Lyn, Marianne, Steve, Linda, Debbie, Sarah, Ian, Keith, Keith, Su, Steve, Maureen, Geoff, Judy

Sunday 23rd October saw 15 villagers meet at the Chequers car park.  Our purpose was to stroll for a couple of hours around our local footpaths and collect some of the rubbish left behind after a summer of visitors to our beautiful estuary.  Most had brought along a bin bag and a pair of marigolds, Keith Wilson winning the prize for the most colourful, resplendent in his bright pink pair. 

By five past eleven we had split into three groups to patrol different stretches, one heading west past the sailing club start hut, one up the inland path towards Joyce’s Farm and the third around the playing field and east to the Saltworks pick-up to work back along the sea wall. 

Right from the start there was an element of competition in the air for who could gather the most, with the excitement on finding any of the richer sources almost palpable.  It’s amazing how a group of grown-ups can find so much fun in something so mundane!

Hot-spots proved to be the woods between the playing field and the creek, and the bay in front of Joyce’s, the latter being mostly flotsam & jetsam.  We did recover a huge number of dog-poo bags everywhere though, both full and empty.  Why do people do that?  Not only do they leave a non-biodegradable polythene bag in the environment, but thoughtfully fill it with excrement first…… Most of the rest was shreds of polythene, baby wipes, sweet wrappers and drinks bottles/cans. 

Anyway, by chance all three teams arrived back in Fish Street within a few minutes of one another at about 1 pm in time for soup, tea and cake at our place.  All in all, what might have sounded like a bit of a chore turned out to be a bit of fun, with a sense of satisfaction at the end when we all posed for a picture with our ‘haul’. 


Wouldn’t it be nice if these guys didn’t need to do this?

A bit of thought and care from all who use the sea wall and other people wouldn’t need to come along after those who mess it up and clean for them.